Neekin (Nillkin) AirEco V1 Lite Car/Home Air Purifier

  • Compare with most of the purifiers on the market uses traditional activated carbon to adsorbs gas pollutants by physical means. It will cause secondary pollution after reaching the adsorption limit.
  • One of the main advantages of AirEco V1 Lite Car Air Purifier is that it uses AOP-KF patented purification material with strong oxidizing properties to against bacteria, fungi and viruses in more thoroughly, green and without secondary pollution way.
  • 10 seconds to completely purify car formaldehyde
  • 1 hour say goodbye to bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • AirEco V1 Lite air purifier also has a good purifying effect on infectious diseases like H1N1 and staphylococcus albus. It can provide better protection for vulnerable people such as the elderly and children.

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Authorized local dealer for Nillkin. Neekin is the sub-brand of Nillkin. 6 months warranty.

Patented appearance design

● Silent, DC brushless motor (Rotational speed: 4800 RPM, Air volume: 26.6 CFM, Noise: 38.50 dB)

●360 degree wind inlet (Wind intake mode: 360 degree, Wind intake Area: 64.8 cm2)●High efficiency and low power consumption (Working Power: <= 2.5W, Standby Power: 0.06W, Purification Efficiency: 2.64)

●3-speed touch control (silent, medium and strong mode)High efficiency purification of air

● Patented purification material

●AirEco V1 air purifier uses AOP-KF patented purification material, effectively purify formaldehyde, toluene and other gas pollutants

●AOP-KF purification material with strong oxidizing properties, easy to ionize and hydrolyze into OH radicals, and actively combines with formaldehyde molecules to form H2O and CO2, purifying formaldehyde more thoroughly, environmental friendly and sustainable


Product Specification:

Model: AirEco V1 Lite

Color: White (Grey available in Nov 2020)

Input: DV 5V/1A

Working Power: ≤2.5W

Standby Power: 0.06W

Purification Efficiency: 2.64

Application Area: 3m³

Net Weight: 335g

Product Size: φ75×194 mm



  • Brand: Nillkin
  • SKU: 1214922356_SGAMZ-4927840971
  • Air Purifier Features: Anti-Virus,Anti-Allergy,Anti-Odor,Anti-Bacteria,Energy Saving Mode
  • Room Size:20
  • Noise Level (dB): 38.5
  • Model: V1 Lite
What’s in the box

V1 Lite, Filter, Type C cable, Manual, Car Charger, Aromatherapy bag

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Dark Grey, White