Touch Sensor LED Reverse Light

A unique and beautiful LED Touch Sensor Light. Perfect gift for any occasion.

  • With a handle design, you can not only put this lighting on your desk, and also hang from walls, in the tent or many other places.
  • Touch sensor design makes it simple and convenient to operate
  • Reversed lighting to change color temperature. By turning over the lamp you can switch to any of the two color temperatures(cool white and warm white) If you put it on a horizontal position, it will appear half in white and the other half in yellow color, alluring to look at
  • Touch adjustment of the light intensity
  • Built in 2200maH battery power supply A built in 2200mAh battery power supply which is USB rechargeable. When it is fully charged, it can be used continuously for 4-150 hours(depending on brightness), suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

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  • Product Size:202x85mm

  • Material: ABS+PP+Acrylic

  • Battery Type:18650 Lithium-ion battery cell

  • Capacity:2200mah

  • Input: 5V/600mAh

  • Color: Silver

  • Color Temperature: 2700K/5000K

  • Luminous Flux: 3-152 Lm

  • LED Lamp Wattage:0.04-2.5W

  • Charging time: 5-6 hours

  • Working time: 4-150 hours(depending on its brightness)

1 year warranty from any manufacturing defects